Make your sustainability programs measurable with Sustify

Sustify is a digital training platform that brands use to increase sustainability in daily factory life. 

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At Sustify, we live sustainably, promote sustainability and do business to provide something useful to society. We're digital because it's the best way to teach and track how well something is being learnt.

Everyone learns different things at a different pace. Sustify was built keeping this in mind. Our smart algorithm ensures that learners go through the course at their own pace and smart reviews are customized for each individual. 

Intelligent Algorithm

Automatically adapts pattern and spacing of learning 

Fun & Interactive

A different approach that keeps learners engaged

Language Versions

Available in the local languages spoken in the factories.

Local Support

Smooth running of the program ensured

How Sustify works

Online and on-site, Sustify takes care of it all.


Course Selection

Brands select courses from Sustify's course library or we design custom courses.


On-site Introduction

The local program manager introduces and implements courses in the factories by providing Sustify tablets.


Real-time Progress Tracking

Brands can track how progress is being made at any stage of the program and have a detailed impact analysis on their dashboard.


Certificates and SustiScore

Learners are awarded certificates of completion and the factory is getting a sustainability rating in form of a score.

Sustainability course library

Brands can choose from our expert-crafted courses that are designed to increase awareness and compliance in supplying factories.

We offer courses in the following categories:


Empowering people


Caring about the planet


Increasing  productivity


Improving dialogue

Why brands love Sustify ?

Sustify helps brands to introduce, complement or freshen up sustainability programs in supplying factories with a digital solution, so that learning is ensured in a systematic and effective way.

Quality & Risks

Sustify ensures increased quality in manufacturing factories in Asia and decreases risks of non-compliance with social and environmental regulations. It helps with putting the United Nations' Sustainability Development Goal 12 – responsible production and consumption - into practice and makes sustainable development measurable.

Transparency & Measurability

Brands have direct and real-time access to learning progress without the need of agents or on-site presence. There are different analysis tools available, so throughout the program and after completion of the courses there is full transparency about training effect. Data generated on a factory level gives deep insights about the level of acquired knowledge and understanding in the field of sustainability and communications.

Courses & Capacity Building

Training content is developed in collaboration with industry experts and the workers themselves. A tested combination of spacing and repetition helps creating a learning experience with a real impact on behavior. Customized content can be developed in collaboration with brands as desired.

Team Sustify

Trust & reliability form the basis of how we work together.

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